The main task of the peer reviewer is to contribute to the high quality of the journal. At the first place, it should be noted that peer reviewer should not be informed about the author’s identity and vice versa, author shouldn’t know the identity of the peer reviewer. After receiving the manuscript, every peer reviewer has the 30 days deadline to submit peer review comments to the journal. It is very important that reviewer is aware that the peer review process is confidential and that content of the review must not be revealed to the third party.

During the peer review process, peer reviewer should answer the following questions: Did the author demonstrate what is the originality of the manuscript? Did author justify his claims enough? Did the author professionally/scientifically grounded his/he thesis? Is the manuscript completed in accordance to the Authors’ Instructions? Which scientific field the manuscript belongs to? Review should have comments on professional/scientific quality of the manuscript, but also suggestions for the manuscript improvement, if needed.

At the end, peer reviewer has to evaluate to which category manuscript belongs (original scientific research, review paper, short or the previous statement, scientific critique, i.e. argument, overviews) and to give his/her opinion whether the manuscript should be accepted in the present form, accepted with suggested changes or not accepted because of the reviewed reasons.