International Scientific Yoga Journal “New Sense” affirms researches in the field of yoga, in different scientific disciplines. All articles published in the journal are available in major libraries in the world.

International Scientific Yoga Journal “New Sense“ which is published once a year in English language and gathers scientists who research yoga in their scientific fields, invites for articles. All interested scientists may send their papers to the following email address:

For all further information please contact us at +420 773 922 790, our web site or the above email address.


Abstract should contain:
1. Title of thematic field that the paper belongs to;
2. Title of the paper, author’s name and surname, address (including e-mail), name of institution;
3. Scope of abstract: abstract should not exceed 240 words, Font 12, Times New Roman, key words should not exceed 5 words.


1. SCOPE OF PAPER: 8 to 10 pages
2. MARGINS: File – Page Setup – Margins – Top, Bottom: 3,5 cm, left, right – 3,0 cm, header, footer – 4,8 cm
4. FONT: Times New Roman (latin) – 10 pt
5. LINE SPACING: Format – Paragraph – indents and spacing: indentation: left, Right 0
6. SPECIAL: First line 1,27
7. SPACING: Before 6 pt, After 0 pt
9. TABLES should be made in Word for Windows, photos in JPG

Form of the paper:

1. Title of the paper: Bold, Uppercase – 12 pt, Centered
2. Title, name and surname: Bold, Lowercase – 12 pt, Centered
3. Under the name: Title of the institution
4. Abstract and key words: Font Italic – 10 pt
5. Subtitles: Bold, Lowercase – 11 pt, Centered
6. Text of the scientific paper: Introduction, Elaboration and Conclusion – 10 pt
7. Literature: 10 pt
8. Reference list / In-text: APA style
9. Use Word for Windows to write the paper

Paper must be original and published for the first time. Journal is the owner of the copyrights.
Authors whose papers are financed by the third party, should state the source of funds.
In scientific papers with more than one author, there should be submitted explanation of all authors’ contribution.
Journal supports the scientific dishonesty prevention in accordance to the document published on the web page

Prevention of scientific dishonesty


Research participants have a right to privacy in the sense that their data should not be published without their consent. Personal data, including participants’ names, initials, identification number and photographs should not be published in the papers, unless information is essential for scientific purposes and only with participants’ written consent. If the paper contains description of the research participant that can be identified, it has to be shown to the participant before publishing for the written consent.


For submitted manuscripts that include researches on people and animals, it is necessary that authors indicate that applied procedures are in accordance with the ethical standards of the institution, national ethical committee and Helsinki Declaration of 1975, as revised in 2000 (5).
If there is a doubt that applied procedure are not in accordance with the Helsinki Declaration, author must explain the reasons for their approach and demonstrate that the institution approved the research.